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International Integrated Studies (ESL): Co-Curricular Activities

U.S. Seminars
Join a special course to learn more about U.S. culture while traveling to see important cultural sights in the U.S.

Summer U.S. Seminar
Study the history of colonial times in the United States, including the founding of the new country. Travel with your professor and classmates to the East Coast to visit cities like Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C. This 2-week course and excursion is offered in May during the college summer break.

Winter U.S. Seminar
Learn about Native American Culture and the history of the people who first inhabited the U. S. Travel with your professor and classmates to the Southwest to visit cultural sights in states like Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. This 2-week course and excursion is offered in January during the college winter break.

Conversation Partners
Meet a U.S. college student to ask questions, learn about college life, and make a new friend. Students meet on campus or at nearby cafes to chat and learn from each other. Request a conversation partner at the beginning of your program so that you will have a great connection while you study with us.

Peer Partners
Come to the weekly meetings to gather with both international students and U.S. students to learn more about campus topics such as: making friends, dormitory living, traveling during breaks, culture shock and joining college clubs.

Go into the community to learn more about the needs of people. Learn about important issues, then go to a real-world setting to apply what you have learned. Current service learning opportunities include a local nursing home and local elementary school.

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