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FUVIRESE: the foundation of life, reality and service

The name FUVIRESE is an acronym made up of the letters which form its name. Fundacion de Vida, Realidad y Servico (the foundation of life, reality and service). FUVIRESE is a cooperative organization with membership open to any handicapped adult or child living in the region of Banos. It is registered as a not-for-profit foundation under Ecuadorian government law.
Wheelchair Factory

"Our little recipient was a little girl about the age of 11 with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy along with other conditions. The whole family thanked FUVIRESE and commented on how much better their daughter had been doing since she received the wheelchair.

It was only meant to be a short visit but it turned out to be much longer...the family was so excited to tell us about our recipient's stories and struggles."

Kao Nou Xiong '07

Instead of depending on a single volunteer for one program in physical therapy, FUVIRESE was able to hire trained Ecuadorians to provide not only physical therapy but special education as well.

When the government made the old hospital available in 1998, services were expanded and broadened. A social worker was hired and programs in nutrition and early childhood stimulation were begun.

"The teacher taught them what goes into a salad and while I was there, we took them to the market. They purchased the ingredients, returned to the classroom, chopped, served and cleaned up. These skills make them more independent at home."

Annie Helke, on helping children improve their coordination and learn basic nutrition skills

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