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Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Studies Mission

The languages and literature of ancient Greece and Rome lie at the heart of Western culture. They are the sources of the tradition of liberal learning, both Christian and non-Christian, in which the college places itself, and they were the core of liberal education for more than two millennia. The purpose of the minor in classical, medieval and Renaissance studies is to acquaint students with the thought, history, literature and general culture of the classical, medieval and Renaissance world, with an emphasis on acquiring competent reading skills in Latin and/or ancient Greek.

With the exception of the Latin and Greek language courses, all courses are taught in translation. Study of classical language enhances students’ English language skills. The interdisciplinary nature of the minor provides students with a foundation for further work in related fields of history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, political science and art.

In classical, medieval and Renaissance studies courses, students acquire knowledge of the origins and continuities of Western culture and come to appreciate the differences between the past and the present; they come to understand themselves better by comparing and contrasting their world to its classical roots; and they investigate deeply human issues and concerns that confronted the ancients as they confront us today.
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