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Communication & Media Studies Mission

The mission of the communication and media studies discipline is to provide an excellent education that is personally, intellectually and spiritually challenging. By personally, we mean the development of and appreciation for those qualities that enable students to foster meaningful relationships in their academic, personal and professional lives. By intellectually, we mean the development of those qualities that enable students to recognize, describe, analyze, synthesize and critique those elements in the global society that are shaped and influenced by human symbol systems. By spiritually, we mean the evolution of those qualities that enable students to look within themselves at their role in the micro-context of St. Norbert College’s Judeo-Christian values and the macro-context of a diverse world of opposing and complementary perspectives.

Upon graduation, communication and media studies majors should be able to:

  1. Describe the communication discipline and its central questions
  2. Employ communication theories, perspectives, principles and concepts
  3. Engage in communication inquiry
  4. Create messages appropriate to the audience, purpose and context
  5. Critically analyze messages
  6. Demonstrate the ability to accomplish communicative goals
  7. Apply ethical communication principles and practices
  8. Utilize communication to embrace difference
  9. Influence public discourse
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