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January 2007

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St. Norbert College's hopes for the world
In the spirit of hope, St. Norbert faculty, staff and students offer their own good wishes for the world in the coming year, and invite readers to contribute their own sentiments.

My hopes for the world for 2007 are peace, understanding and happiness. - Nina Nolan ’07

My hope for the world in 2007 is that a true spiritual renaissance occurs in which human life is revalued at every stage and condition. - Michael Marsden (Academic Affairs)

My hope for the world would be that we could forget about all the “politics” and remember that we basically all want the same thing for our countries, our families and ourselves. - Renee Rovinski (Financial Aid)

My hope for 2007 is that all of our soldiers can be out of Iraq. - Mary Kay Bressers (Facilities)

My hope for 2007 is for myself, personally, to make a positive difference in someone else’s life, in the same way that other people have touched me. - Pat Clancy ’08

My hope for the world in 2007 is that people are able to come to the reality that ignorance is an unacceptable choice. In order to better the world, we need to begin to see the world for what is it and its inhabitants for who they truly are, because it is then that we can begin to change the world, one individual at a time. - Mary Potter ’08

My hope is for people to feel peace, spread love, desire unity and live with respect for all of Mother Nature’s children. - Scott Werley ’09

My wish for the world for 2007 is for peace in our hearts and souls—individually, interpersonally and internationally—and acceptance of ourselves and those around us for who we are. Oh yes, and that the computers stay up! - John Beck (Computer Services)

My hopes for the world are for people to make the choice to treat others with dignity and respect; for human resources to value and respect our environmental resources; for tolerance for differences among God’s people; and that children will be able to live life without fear of hunger, war, sickness or abuse. - Julie Curro ’80 (Alumni and Parent Relations)

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