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Mike and Katrina Counter

Mike Counter (Communications) and his daughter, Katrina

August 2009

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D.C. radio call-in experience connects St. Norbert listeners

Mike Counter (Office of Communications) revisited his roots in broadcasting when he was the guest on a national radio show. It was familiar ground for Counter but with one new twist – many of the calls that came in from all over the country were from listeners with St. Norbert connections.

I recently had a chance to plug St. Norbert College on national radio. People called in live on the air from Texas, Florida and Cleveland (to name a few) and had fond things to say about De Pere and St. Norbert.

The host of the show and I had lost touch, so he decided to use his national radio platform to find me and reconnect. One day, he went on the air and asked his listeners from Green Bay and the Fox Cities if they knew where I went after I left the television business. In minutes, Phlash said, he took calls from Green Bay to Appleton telling him I was at St. Norbert College now. He looked me up on our web site and the rest, as they say, is history.

After I attended a national conference on media relations in Baltimore, my family and I went to Washington, D.C., on vacation. We stopped in to the impressive SIRIUS XM radio complex to visit my old friend. We worked together at a radio station in Montana, my first gig out of college, in 1985.

His radio name is Phlash Phelps and his 60s show on SIRIUS XM radio is billed as Phlash Phelps and the Phunny Pharm.

SIRIUS XM Radio is a satellite radio service in the United States that provides pay-for-service radio and cable TV. Music, sports, talk – you name it, they run it.

I really wasn’t surprised when Phlash, during his live show, spun a microphone around and asked me to talk about the good old days.
It sure was exhilarating to chat about St. Norbert College on live national radio. Enjoy this small sampling from the show.

Thanks, Phlash!

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