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November 2010

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First student art group collaboration colors gallery red

Members of St. Norbert College’s newly established student ARTCLUB turned the Godschalx gallery red during the opening of their first-ever show, titled "Rogue Rouge."

The group described their multi-media exhibit as “a collaborative gallery installation,” with the color red as a unifying motif. The theme allowed for personal insights and expression as well as a sense of collaboration.

As Katelyn Gorman ’11 said, “There are many different emotions associated with the color red. Passion, lust, anger, hate and many more feelings can be portrayed through the use of it, which was the biggest part of our decision.”

Gorman’s piece, a striking painting produced with oil and spray paint on canvas titled “Lady in Red,” depicted an abstracted female form in bold hue, a contrast of form and color that projected both desire and distance.

Further down the wall, the equally striking “Blood,” created by Carolyn Paplham ’13, a line drawing in the form of a digital print, reflected the color’s bold, playful nature.       

Other artists interacted with the theme through different mediums. Among the three-dimensional works in the show was a dress by Larry March '13, a creation synthesized from a wedding gown, a prom gown and a cocktail dress. ARTCLUB president Joel Van Fossen ’13 created a video piece entitled “A Study on the Infinite Nature of a Moment.”

Kevin McGillivray ’12 produced a musical meditation on the color – broadcast from a red CD player, of course – that rounded out the show and made it a full-immersion experience for those who visited.

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