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Richard Flint

Richard Flint 

Workshop details

Thursday, Jan. 11
1:30-4:30 p.m. 

December 2006

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Motivational speaker reminds us of the power of working together

Think back to high school days of cliques and personal agendas. Those same factors exist in the workplace and can cause disruption for everyone. What is essential is to tie personal agendas to the organization's common agenda, notes Richard Flint, an esteemed motivational speaker who is scheduled to speak at St. Norbert College.

"There has to be a partnership negotiated between people and leadership," said Flint, who will present "Understanding the Power of Working Together" at the College on Jan. 11, 2007. "Employees need to work in a spirit of togetherness."

Flint is quick to emphasize the development of partnerships rather than teams in the workplace. "All the research shows that teams punish the strong and reward the weak," he says. "Partnerships create an internal synergism where everybody shares the same crusade and agenda, and does it with an attitude of respect."

Flint believes that developing partnerships that tie into the common agenda trickles down into better sales, better progress, better customers and a better organization. And it doesn't have to come at the cost of an individual's personal career goals. One employee's personal agenda may be to advance her career; another, to fulfill the demands of his job and leave it behind at 5 p.m.

"The people whose personal agenda is, 'I just want to do my job and then leave it behind at the end of the day' make it challenging for leadership. But it's okay for these people to come and do their jobs this way as long as their presence supports the common agenda of the organization," said Flint.

During his presentation at St. Norbert, Flint will discuss workplace harmony; specifically how not working together with peers weakens the internal spirit of the whole organization and creates confusion. Attendees will walk away with two key thoughts to ponder:

1. Every day, we face only two choices when we rise—to feed the confusion in our lives or to strengthen the clarity. "Most people design their lives to remain in confusion, which means they can never connect to a common agenda of growth," says Flint.

2. The greatest compliment a person or organization can receive is to "have a presence that's present when you're not present." "That is the power of partnership, whether you're an employee or a manager. Everybody has a role they fit into," adds Flint.

Flint's background includes counseling businesses and individuals for many years and teaching at the university level, before embarking on his speaking career 22 years ago. His presentations offer a blend of insights and practical experience.

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