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Larry Scheich

Larry Scheich (Natural Sciences) has been working with an orthopedic care products supplier on a partnership that will benefit both surgeons and St. Norbert students.

December 2009

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Surgical training opportunity on campus gives students new insights into human anatomy

St. Norbert College is one of the few private liberal arts colleges in the country that maintains an anatomy lab with cadavers available to undergraduates. Now the college is preparing to take advantage of a chance to get all bio/anatomy students involved with real-world surgical experience, too.

The college has partnered with Zimmer Thomson Associates in the creation of a cadaver lab where orthopedic surgeons can train in the latest surgical techniques used on hip and knee replacements.

“The first test run was about two months ago,” says Larry Scheich, associate dean of natural sciences and professor of chemistry.

“They [Zimmer Thomson] had three physicians participate during the practice lab. Also in attendance were students doing rotations in physical therapy and the physician’s assistants – one of whom was a former St. Norbert student.”

St. Norbert students will be able to watch the procedures and afterwards engage in a question-and-answer session.

For Zimmer Thomson Associates, which serves all of Wisconsin, Iowa and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, having a facility available in the De Pere area is a major benefit.

“Now, if a physician wants to get hands-on experience with new products, or practice the latest techniques for any given procedure, they don’t have to travel a distance to one of the larger facilities,” says Greg Manion, area sales manager for Zimmer.

“What we hope to accomplish is the creation of a mutually beneficial partnership. Physicians will be able to come to the De Pere area rather than taking more travel time away from their busy practices, and the college can offer a unique learning experience for its students.”

Manion was already very familiar with opportunities at St. Norbert: he is the son of college president emeritus Thomas Manion.

Zimmer Thomson plans to conduct regular clinical sessions at St. Norbert, dependent on course scheduling and surgeon demand.

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