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Spring 2009 | Finding the balance

Spring 2009
  Sound economics at work

The work of St. Norbert College economists throws interesting light on the single field of study that dominates headlines today. Tough times prompt this look at the research, training and education that will guide tomorrow’s decision-makers. And, we examine “educationomics” itself – the science of keeping affordable those very institutions where such analysis and scholarship is possible.

On the cover:
Chris Ayers ’97
kindly bent his animal-a-day drawing habit to our purpose with his cover illustration for this issue. “Balancing Act” started life as Day 1,063 of The Daily Zoo, a series of sketchbooks that Ayers began when in recovery from a life-threatening illness. It’s a nice take on the challenges higher education is helping to meet in tough economic times. >>MORE

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Also in this issue:

Seven-figure gifts put athletics complex on the fast track
A recent gift of $4 million toward the construction of the Donald J. Schneider Outdoor Athletics Complex will serve as a lasting symbol of the commitment of one man to his alma mater, and to matters of health and well-being. >>MORE

Student research goes Galapagos
Embarking on a trip to the Galapagos Islands in this Year of Darwin challenged student researchers to view their experience in the context of the history of science. >>MORE

A short course in educationomics
St. Norbert College awarded almost $22 million in scholarships and grants during this academic year. Such “free money” represents a hefty commitment to making higher education affordable for students from all walks of life. >>MORE

Economics lessons find their way to classrooms around the world
As chief economist for EconomicsInternational’s Training of Trainers program, Sandy Odorzynski is helping to create an international corps of well-trained educators. >>MORE

Mastering the job search
Graduate school looks doubly attractive in tough economic times. Heather Krull ’00, of the RAND Corporation, analyzes the likely impact of the current recession on graduate school applications. >>MORE

Finding $50 bills in the NFL draft
St. Norbert economists argue that professional football teams could better leverage limited resources to satisfy the unlimited desire to win if they applied economic theory to their draft picks. >>MORE

A short period of economic growth
A new five-year B.A./M.S. program in applied economics springs from ongoing relationships between St. Norbert College and Marquette University. It will help meet demand from employers for more trained economists. >>MORE

An aardvark a day keeps the doctor away
Concept artist Chris Ayers ’97 believes nurturing one’s creativity should be an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; part of the daily routine, just like brushing one’s teeth. His new book is, itself, the record of a journey from sickness to health. >>MORE

Live! from Schuldes
It was one of the most well-hyped college basketball games in the area in a long time. One of the top teams in the nation was about to battle a very talented but underachieving rival, and student broadcasters were ready to go live. >>MORE

In each issue:

Thomas Kunkel President’s message
In this issue, Tom Kunkel again addresses excellence. He speaks to the kind of positive environment that engenders it – an environment where work of the highest caliber is both encouraged and celebrated. >>MORE

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Video Student research
goes Galapagos

Reporting from one of the world’s best natural laboratories.

Audio Accessible and affordable
An interview to share with anyone considering a college education.

Text Extra Sports and their fans
An excerpt from a new book on the history, economics and culture of the relationship between spectator and sport.

Photo Gallery An aardvark a day
In this gallery of images, animal spirits prevail.

Text Extra Journalist in disguise
A look at two books authored by President Tom Kunkel.

Video Stepping out of the picture
An artist reflects on his recent work.

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