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Further education, further exploration, further opportunity
By Paige Caulum ’11

Ali Jahnke
Alese Jahnke ’04

Not every opportunity at St. Norbert College is listed in the college catalog. Affiliations with other schools are helping students achieve academic and career goals that were formed before they decided St. Norbert was the school for them, or that evolved during their experience at the De Pere campus.

Learn more about a few of our institutional partnerships, from the perspective of those who are benefiting from three uniquely structured offerings.

Engineering degree with Michigan Tech University: Alese Jahnke ’04
I had an undecided major and chose to take a few math and physics classes. The exciting way Michael Olson (Physics) taught his classes and how he applied general physics to everyday situations made me realize that engineering was a very intriguing career that I could see myself doing for many years to come.

Michigan Tech has a great reputation for engineering, and they were one of the first schools we visited. The advisors at Michigan Tech were very helpful in designing a program for me.

In this program, students complete their general education courses, as well as all fundamental math and science courses, at St. Norbert. A liberal arts education teaches students how to solve problems with the resources they are given, which is exactly what engineers do. It also teaches the effective communication skills that are so important for engineering but aren’t otherwise stressed at most universities.

Students then transfer to Michigan Tech for two years and one summer to receive a highly technical education from one of the best engineering universities in the nation.

With my liberal arts background, I quickly realized I had many advantages once I got to Michigan Tech. What I lacked in engineering experience, I made up for with the skills I acquired, such as oral and written communication, from my time at St. Norbert.

Because of the benefits I received from attending both schools, I was able to get a full-time job at Wisconsin Public Service right after graduation. I am currently working in Project Services, managing projects that solve problems across the company.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with Bellin University: Kathryn Page ’11
I’ve wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember, as I’ve always wanted a career in helping people. Attending St. Norbert was a great option because I wanted to continue cheering, another passion of mine, and the partnership with Bellin offered me the opportunity to become a nurse as well.

I learned about the partnership with Bellin when I was applying to St. Norbert. I was doing some research about the nursing program and realized I needed to also apply to Bellin, which I did at the end of my freshman year.

In the program, all general education classes are at St. Norbert and all nursing classes are at Bellin. The science classes taken at St. Norbert provide a good base knowledge, making the transition to the nursing classes easier.

I really wanted to graduate at St. Norbert with my friends, so I chose to double-major in health administration and continued with more classes at St. Norbert. I also feel very connected to St. Norbert because I am a cheerleader and I love the school.

Bellin offers multiple clinical experiences with an instructor, which allows students to be able to care for patients.

My hopes for the future include working as a nurse, and then I hope to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.

Master’s in Applied Economics, with Marquette University: Jonathan Daun ’10
I took a few economics classes my freshman year and really enjoyed them. I enjoy economics because it underlies so many aspects of our lives and impacts everything from policy decisions to everyday choices. Economics provides a unique view of the world and has very practical techniques for exploring problems.

The program is a combined five years in which a student can earn a bachelor’s degree from St. Norbert and a Master of Science in Applied Economics (MSAE) in one additional year at Marquette. Marc von der Ruhr (Economics) encouraged me to apply for the graduate program at Marquette my junior year. The opportunity to achieve a master’s degree in only one additional year was irresistible.

Students can take two economics courses their senior year at St. Norbert that count for master’s credit at Marquette. The transition for me was very quick – I started summer classes at Marquette about a week after graduation in May 2010.
My economics classes at St. Norbert prepared me very well for my studies at Marquette, as well as for my current internship at MISIX Inc., a service marketing company. I began the internship immediately after graduation from St. Norbert while taking classes at Marquette during the summer. I hope my future includes full-time employment with MISIX after graduation.

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