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Jeff Frick

Sweet anticipation
Jeff Frick Academic Dean and Vice President of Academic Affairs

This morning I was helping my middle daughter make the batter for banana bread. Once everything was mixed, we placed the soft batter into a loaf pan and then put it in the oven. Of course, we all had to wait an hour before we could even think about enjoying her creation.

As the baking bread began to smell more and more appetizing, I began to think about anticipation – our anticipation of the treat to come, and the eager anticipation that often follows other decisions. In my case, last March I made the decision to come to St. Norbert College after spending 18 years at another institution, first as a professor (teaching organic chemistry) and more recently as associate provost. The anticipation that my family and I felt was extended because I was not to start my position here until July 1 – and they would not follow until a month later.We were eager to experience the communio reflected in all that we do at the college.

Yet, this is not all that much different from the anticipation that many of the newest members of our community experience. Our new first-year students, having made the decision to attend St. Norbert some time ago, have been anticipating their arrival on campus and the start of their courses. Our new faculty, having participated in an extensive interview process – some as long ago as last fall – have been anticipating settling in at the college and starting to share their passions with St. Norbert students.

Other members of the college community are in the midst of anticipation. Many of my faculty colleagues await the publication of their latest scholarly paper or book. Some of our students may even be featured as co-authors on some of those publications. For most students, this publication is likely their first. Our coaches face the anticipation of the upcoming season of competition. As you know, some of them face the anticipation of trying to repeat as conference champions and, in one case, trying to repeat as national champion.

Our continuing students face the anticipation of deepening their studies in their chosen field. Some may face the anticipation of study abroad (and perhaps their first trip overseas). Our seniors, no doubt, face the anticipation (and uncertainty) of what will come next for them.

Anticipation always precedes arrival. I invite you now to turn your attention to the many arrivals on our campus that we are experiencing this fall, some of which we explore in this issue. We celebrate the arrival of a large, academically gifted class. They, in turn, will experience the arrival – the opening – of several new facilities. Most notable for our students will be the new Michels Commons, where they will enjoy food prepared fresh before their eyes. We also celebrate the arrival of several new faculty, who have experienced an outstanding orientation program. Finally, we always look forward to celebrating the arrival of many of our graduates, returning to campus for Homecoming and other events that take place throughout the year.

By the way, the banana bread was worth the wait – when it arrived, it was delicious!

Oct. 31, 2011

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