Our students are eager to learn from you.

Help Our Students Soar … by Taking Them Under Your Wing

The Career Mentor Program provides opportunities for students and alumni to interact with professionals from career fields that interest them.

As a career mentor, you can make a big difference with a modest commitment of time. Simply reply to the occasional email from a student or alum about:
  • Your day-to-day on-the-job responsibilities.
  • What you enjoy and don't enjoy about your responsibilities or career field.
  • Academic major(s) and graduate/professional programs you have completed.
  • The career paths you've pursued.
  • Current trends and issues in your field.
  • Suggestions on how they might best prepare for a specific career field.
  • The value of a liberal arts degree in the world of work.
  • Any advice you might have regarding internships, job search strategies and graduate and professional school.
Register to become a career mentor through our Career Services mentor database. If you’d like to help, contact the Career Services office today for answers to any questions you have and for help getting started.