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The Catering Guide: Breaks and Refreshments


Assorted bakery, coffee, tea and assorted juices.

Executive Continental 
Assorted bakery, fresh cubed fruit, coffee, tea and assorted juices.

Wholesome Continental 
Vanilla yogurt, granola, fresh cubed fruit, coffee, tea and assorted juices.

Fiesta Break 
Assorted soda, tri-color tortilla chips, fresh salsa and sopapillas.

Snack Attack 
Assorted soda, popcorn and pretzels.

Sweet Treat 
Assorted soda, fresh brewed coffee and homemade cookie assortment.

Wellness Break 
Bottled water, an assortment of granola bars, snack mixes and whole fruit.

Ala Carte Break Items 

  • Gourmet coffee—regular/decaffeinated
  • Bottled water or juices 
  • Canned soda, lemonade or tea
  • Orange juice
  • Fresh brewed iced tea or raspberry iced tea


  • Assorted bagels with cream cheese
  • Assorted dessert bars
  • Assorted muffins
  • Banana or Lemon poppyseed bread
  • Homemade cookies
  • Scones
  • Sweet rolls


  • Gardetto snack mix
  • Elegant blend snack mix
  • Mixed nuts, popcorn, pretzels or chips
  • Trail mix or tropical trail mix
  • Tri-color tortilla chips with fresh salsa
  • Whole fruit (apples, oranges and bananas)
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