Update: Cleaning arrangements on campus

March 7, 2020

As the college continues to respond to the spread of COVID-19, we want to make you aware that the college has well-established cleaning policies that include both routine practices and enhanced environmental cleaning practices during times of need. Housekeeping has implemented its “enhanced” practices to meet current circumstances. This means that all flat surfaces, light switches, etc, that would typically be cleaned weekly are now being cleaned daily. The standard cleaning products routinely used on campus are those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.
Routine procedures always in place for both Dining Services and Conference & Event Services are already designed to prevent the spread of illness. These procedures, implemented to protect the ongoing safety of our community, are well-established, rigorous and effective both day-to-day and in times of heightened awareness.
The work of all those who implement these policies and practices plays a significant role in helping protect the safety and wellness of all, both day-to-day and in times of heightened need. We truly appreciate everything they do.