COVID-19: New decisions on athletics, campus-residence exceptions, student employment, Children’s Center, and more

March 12, 2020

We understand this is a very difficult period of time for students, faculty and staff. Our community as a whole is responding to enormous challenges. We want you to know how much we appreciate the ways everyone is doing their best to rise to these challenges as we adjust to events here and on the world stage. We continue to be mindful of the particular difficulties some of you are grappling with as you adjust to individual circumstances. We as a college want to do our best to support you.

Alternate Course Delivery

Our students and faculty treasure the opportunity for close mentoring relationships. It’s important to understand that at this time we need to ensure faculty have abundant time to prepare and deliver course materials in new formats and in ways available to all students regardless of location. For this reason, students – even if locally based – should understand their faculty are not available to meet with them in person.

Student Housing

Students who are granted an exception to live on campus during Spring Break and the period of alternative delivery of coursework are expected not to engage in personal travel at any point during their stay. We understand campus-based students may need to travel to locations in which they work, have an internship, or are student teaching. The college has established a 50-mile radius for this type of same-day travel. Residential Education & Housing will be informing all applicants for on-campus housing of their status tomorrow morning, March 13.

Room and Board

At this time, no refunds are being issued for room and board costs. We continue to be actively engaged in responding to and planning for future scenarios related to COVID-19 and are prepared to revisit this decision should courses need to continue to be delivered online past Monday, April 13.


In light of the NCAA announcement to cancel all winter and spring championships, we are suspending all athletics activities through Monday, April 13. A decision will be made by April 3 regarding athletics activities scheduled beyond April 13. With this announcement, athletes can plan to return home for spring break and the alternative instructional period.

Student Employment

Students who hold on-campus jobs that are determined to be critical to operations may have the opportunity to continue their work on site. Students who hold other jobs on campus may have the opportunity to work remotely, if the nature of their work permits this. You will be contacted by your supervisor if this opportunity is available to you.

The topics below may be of special interest to faculty and staff:

Children’s Center

The Children’s Center will remain open through Spring Break. Concerns about our ability to reliably staff the center March 23-April 13 will require us to close the Children’s Center during that period. A decision will be made by April 3 about reopening the Children’s Center after April 13.

Working Arrangements for Employees

We are discussing work-from-home options for faculty and staff. More information will be forthcoming.