Update to faculty and staff: Furloughs for Group 3

May 28, 2020

Dear SNC Faculty and Staff,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to speak with many of you at the staff association meeting last week. Once again, I found myself heartened by your all-in commitment to our mission and to our future. I have heard from many of you with words of support and encouragement as we work to spread the load at a time when much is being asked of all of us. In difficult times, we stay strong – we are stronger – when we pull together.

As our community and the world meet the challenges wrought by the spread of the coronavirus, St. Norbert College is being forced to make some extremely difficult decisions in the short term. One of these difficult decisions is the need to implement furloughs. To date, we have let you know of the sacrifices being asked of our Group 1 and Group 2 furloughed staff employees. We stay mindful of the considerable load they are bearing, and will never forget all that they are contributing to our common good.

In this memo, I need to communicate the specifics required of all Group 3 staff employees at this time.

We have decided to administer this group of furloughs – each to be taken at an agreed-upon time between June 7 and December 5, 2020 – based on annual income. Specifically, if your annual pay is:

  • less than $50,000 per year, you are expected to take one furlough day.
  • between $50,000 – $100,000 per year, you are expected to take three furlough days.
  • greater than $100,000 per year, you are expected to take five furlough days.
These expectations do not apply to those employees (Group 1 and Group 2) who are already furloughed, nor to those who have volunteered, and been approved, to take at least as many furlough days as these requirements. In addition, we have decided to not include faculty in the furlough program at this time because of the nature of faculty employment agreements, because of other budget adjustments directly impacting faculty workload, and because of the significant amount of additional work required to adjust to the new academic calendar and delivery of instruction.

Please work with your supervisor and department to schedule your furlough day(s) between June 7 and December 5. As a reminder, no College work is permitted during days of furlough. Each staff employee will receive a letter from HR about their furlough with more specifics about payroll, vacation, filing for unemployment and SNC’s employee assistance program. Meanwhile, you can find information on these topics and more in our furlough guidelines.

Colleagues, I know we are asking a lot of you all in so many ways during these difficult days. None of us is alone in this, and together we will prevail. In that spirit, the president’s cabinet and I join with you. Each vice president has stepped up to take a 5% reduction in their salaries as they continue leading SNC through the furlough. I too will be taking an 8% reduction in salary during the furlough period.

I cannot overstate how much I depend on, and sincerely appreciate, your ongoing understanding. You are all incredible, and we go forward together. I continue to pray for our collective health, the health of you and your families, and that of our current and future Green Knights.