Update to faculty and staff: Operational updates Phase One/Phase Two

June 4, 2020

As you know, we are currently in Phase One of returning to campus. We are actively engaged in planning for Phase Two in consultation with local public health authorities. Phase Two is projected to begin later this summer, with the goal of returning to campus before the fall semester begins.

Below are reminders about Phase One and updates you may find useful as we prepare for Phase Two:

Building access

  • Card access is currently required for all buildings on campus. Make sure to bring your ID if you are planning to come to campus.

Reminder of mask requirements

  • Sometimes our commitment to communio takes a very practical expression. By wearing masks during this time of pandemic, we are choosing to make our college community safer for all.
  • All employees must wear a mask on campus, both inside buildings and outdoors. (When you get out of your car, put a mask on!) The only exceptions are for those working alone in their private workspace and for those who have a medical condition that prohibits the wearing of a mask.
  • If you do not yet have a mask, a reusable mask will be provided for you. Or, you may choose to make or acquire a mask that accords with CDC guidelines.
  • Be sure to wear and wash the mask according to the CDC recommendations.
  • Departments can request masks for their teams by emailing facilities@snc.edu.
  • The college has a limited supply of disposable masks that can be requested by departments for guests and visitors to campus. To make such a request, contact facilities@snc.edu.

Extra disinfecting or enhanced cleaning measures

  • The housekeeping team is acting on enhanced disinfecting and cleaning measures in accordance with current CDC cleaning and disinfection guidelines. These include an increased focus on high-touch areas.
  • Multiple hand-sanitizer stations will continue to be installed across campus.
  • Housekeeping will be providing additional cleaning supplies for each department to use to clean their own common spaces frequently, paying particular attention to often-touched surfaces.
  • If you have a departmental need for additional cleaning supplies, please contact your divisional vice president for approval. Facilities will fulfill these orders and charge your department for the supplies you have requested.
  • Facilities is working on a number of enhancements that will help us further prioritize good hygiene. For instance:
    • Equipping each public restroom on campus with at least one hands-free sink, as well as hands-free soap and paper towel dispensers.
    • Removing or disabling air hand dryers in the building in favor of paper-towel dispensers.
    • Removing the doors at the main entryways to public restroom areas to allow for hands-free entry and exit.
    • Removing or modifying seating in the common areas on campus, including dining spaces and classrooms. (If you would like to have Facilities conduct a walk-through of your space with physical distancing in mind, contact Sara Tilque at sara.tilque@snc.edu.)
    • Maximizing HVAC systems to allow for as much outside air and internal air exchange as each system is capable of. These systems are now running 24/7 instead of shutting down at night per our usual practice.

Installation of Plexiglas barriers

  • Facilities has installed a number of Plexiglas shields in high-priority areas on campus. If you would like to discuss the possibility of installing shields in your area, please talk to your supervisor and divisional vice president.

COVID-19 signage toolkit

  • New signage will be necessary to communicate our new processes and protocols.
  • The office of communications has created a COVID-19 communications toolkit to allow departments to order customized posters, floor markers and/or CDC signage for their areas. You can access the COVID-19 Toolkit through the Digital Print Center’s self-service website.
  • Costs for signage orders will be charged back to your department.
  • Contact nina.rouse@snc.edu if you have a signage need that hasn’t already been accounted for in the toolkit.

Summer travel and HR policies

  • Travel increases your risk for getting and transmitting COVID-19. Staying home is the best way to protect yourself.
  • Please remember to take the proper precautions if you do decide to travel.
  • If you are required to self-isolate, you may use your vacation and PTO allowance to do so. The additional PTO that the college allowed for at the start of the pandemic expired June 1, 2020.


  • #ForeverSNC is a new website intended to keep the SNC community connected even while many of us are still apart. It provides a single, accessible spot for sharing, engaging, learning, inviting and uplifting – for revealing how departments, areas or individuals are expressing communio as we mindfully navigate facing this challenging time. No matter the challenges, we always and forever will be one community, united in our mission to love one another!