Campus resource for daily self-monitoring

July 30, 2020

Dear SNC students, faculty and staff,

The St. Norbert College community has gone to extraordinary lengths to facilitate a safe return on Aug. 3 for faculty and staff and beginning Aug. 17 for students. The work to ensure the community’s safety will continue into the fall semester as each of us does our part to mitigate risk by self-monitoring for symptoms and following safety guidelines established by the college and local and state authorities.

Self-screening app
Each member of our campus community must self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 that would preclude coming to class or work. To help you conduct these daily self-screenings, the college has adopted the #CampusClear app. The app allows users to easily enter any symptoms they may be experiencing, then indicates if it’s safe to go to class or work. Users also may opt-in to receive notifications reminding them to conduct their daily self-screening. 

Participation in #CampusClear also will give St. Norbert College a mechanism for monitoring illness trends to manage emerging risks on campus. Students, faculty and staff can download the free app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play), create an account using their email address, and submit the one-question survey each day they intend to be on campus. 

To learn more about #CampusClear, watch this short video. If you have questions about the app or have trouble downloading it, contact the ITS service desk at

Additional personal safety measures
While the #CampusClear app is an important resource for mitigating risks to our community, it is not our only tool. Those who are cleared to go to campus also must adopt the 3 W’s: Wear a mask, watch your distance and wash your hands.

Additionally, the #CampusClear app is not a substitute for talking with medical professionals if you are experiencing symptoms. Students must call Health Services or, if after hours, on-duty REH staff or Campus Safety. Faculty and staff should contact their health care provider and supervisor or divisional dean.

Community safety pledge reminder
If you haven’t already done so, please be sure to sign the community safety pledge before returning to campus. All faculty, staff and students received unique links to the pledge via their SNC email accounts. If you have questions about the safety pledge, please contact Carolyn Uhl at

We continue to be grateful for your commitment to the well-being of all in our community.


The Return Students to Campus Working Group
Autumn Anfang (Business & Finance)
Jenn Bonds-Raacke (Academic Affairs)
Julie Massey (Student Affairs)
Chrystal Woller (Health Services)
Eric Dunning (Campus Safety)
Jamie Lynch (Academic Affairs)
Tim Bald (Academic Affairs)
Melissa DaPra (Dining Services)
Shelly Mumma (Student Affairs)
Lauren Gaecke (Academic Affairs)
Greg Greetan (Business & Finance)
LeRoy Korntved (Facilities)
Dave Nalepka (Risk Management)
Rick Warpinski (Auxiliary Services)
Nina Rouse (Communications)
Krissy Lukens (ITS)
John Seckel (Campus Center)
Kristin Vogel (Academic Affairs)
Mark Selin (Admissions)
Joe Totman (Housing)
Mike Van Drisse (Facilities)

The Return to Work Working Group
Jon Enslin (College Advancement)
Chrystal Woller (Health Services)
Rick Warpinski (Auxiliary Services)
Sue Brinkman (Human Resources)
Lauren Gaecke (Academic Affairs)
Paul Mashl (Academic Affairs)
Nina Rouse (Communications)
Matt Stollak (Faculty Representative)
Patrick Wrenn (Facilities)
Scott Crevier (ITS)
Julie Massey (Student Affairs)