Update to faculty and staff: Operational updates for Phase 2

Aug. 7, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As you know, on Monday, we entered Phase 2 of our return-to-campus plan. You may find these updates and reminders about Phase 2 useful as we prepare for the return of students.

Campus operations
Campus offices and departments should be prepared for an increase in virtual or in-person traffic. Be advised that some departments will accommodate walk-in traffic and others are requiring appointments. You can see details of individual department operational plans on the COVID-19 Return-to-Campus Plan operations grid.

If your department has modified its operations, please make sure that information about those modifications is reflected on your website. (If you need help updating your departmental website, please contact Hannah Kruse in the office of communications at hannah.kruse@snc.edu.)

If you are working away from campus for any part of the working week, please forward your office phone to prevent a disruption of services. You should do this using the Mitel Connect app which allows you to make your laptop your office phone and therefore the people you call will see your office number on caller ID. For your convenience, ITS provides these instructions for using Mitel Connect to forward your phone.

COVID-19 signage toolkit
As a reminder, the COVID-19 signage toolkit is a resource to help support departments with a need to communicate modified arrangements. The toolkit includes physical-distancing floor markers, directional arrows, capacity signage and a variety of customizable templates. You can access the toolkit on the print center’s self-service website.

Student move-in
Students will begin returning to campus on Sunday, Aug. 16. The majority of first-year students will move to campus on Thursday, Aug. 20. Faculty and staff have the opportunity to volunteer for a modified Bruess Brigade.

The majority of continuing students will return to campus on Friday, Aug. 21.

Move-in times have been staggered to allow for enhanced physical distancing and students are limited to move-in assistance by only two guests. More details are on the move-in webpage.

As we connect with new students and reconnect with returning students, the advice in this guide for serving our students during the pandemic prepared by members of the More Than Numbers modules may prove very helpful.

COVID-19 communications and response
SNC will continue to provide regular updates throughout the fall semester related to COVID-19 and our college response. Our COVID-19 case response policy outlines how the college will handle student cases of COVID-19 in all phases of response, including prevention, monitoring, testing, isolation and quarantine.

Mask and physical-distancing etiquette
Regardless of the state and local rules currently in place, all faculty, staff and students must wear a mask on campus, both inside buildings and outdoors, unless they are in their private workspace or room, or have a medical condition that prohibits the wearing of a mask.

When you get out of your car, put a mask on. Please minimize the number of times you touch your mask and, when you remove it, place it where it will not contaminate a sanitized surface.

A few useful phrases:

  • Hi, don’t forget to put your mask on!

  • Oops! We’re forgetting to stay six feet apart.

  • You maybe didn't know this, but face coverings are a requirement this fall.

  • Hi, excuse me, I'm not sure if you're aware, but wearing a facial covering is required in the building to prioritize everyone's health and to allow us to stay open 

  • Oh no, it looks like your mask slipped down!

  • Could we step back a few feet? People walking past us will want to keep their distance.

  • Don’t forget to make sure your mask is covering both your nose and your mouth. 

  • I’m trying to remember to drop my mask straight into my backpack/laundry basket as soon as I take it off. That way I don’t have to wipe down the table every time.

  • Thank you for wearing a mask!

Basic health and safety reminders

  • The three Ws: WEAR your mask, WASH your hands, WATCH your distance from others.
  • You must monitor your symptoms daily. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19, or have been recently exposed to someone who potentially has COVID-19, you are not allowed to come to campus.
  • Staff meetings should continue to take place virtually, no matter where staff are physically located. If meetings must take place in person, proper physical distancing and masking must be observed.
  • Make sure you’re familiar with the complete list of required health and safety precautions.
We continue to be grateful for your commitment to the well-being of all in our community.


The Return to Work Working Group
Jon Enslin (College Advancement)
Chrystal Woller (Health Services)
Rick Warpinski (Auxiliary Services)
Sue Brinkman (Human Resources)
Lauren Gaecke (Academic Affairs)
Paul Mashl (Academic Affairs)
Nina Rouse (Communications)
Matt Stollak (Faculty Representative)
Patrick Wrenn (Facilities)
Scott Crevier (ITS)
Julie Massey (Student Affairs)