Access to college housing during winter break

Oct. 15, 2020

Dear Students,

 As you might expect, housing arrangements over the winter break will need to look a little different this year. In fact, with the various challenges of sustaining pandemic-level protocols to serve a much smaller community on campus over this period, one option the college had to consider was simply requiring all students to move out for the entire break. However, we preferred the following plan, which gives you more options and accommodates legitimate needs to live on campus between semesters (i.e. local jobs, internships, student teaching, etc.). If you are returning next semester, you are allowed to leave your belongings in your room. If you are not returning next semester, you will need to check out by December 5th with your hall staff.

Winter break arrangements 2020-21

As is the case every year, students who wish to live in any campus-owned housing will have to apply for permission to do so, and students in first- and second- year halls will need to pay for their accommodations. Fees will apply to winter-break residents of Bergstrom, Madelaine-Lorraine, MMM, Sensenbrenner, VMC and MichelsAny student, in any area, who does not apply and is found to be on campus will be fined and sent home.

Between semesters, operations are typically more limited, for example:

  • Building access and dining services are reduced.
  • While Campus Safety and REH continue to provide 24/7 coverage so that student safety needs can be responded to, their staffing levels are reduced appropriately..

Additionally, for this winter break only:

  • All J-Term credit-bearing courses will be taught virtually.
  • Kitchens in traditional residence halls will be open. Cleaning before and after each use is a requirement.
  • Health Services will provide non-COVID care only to students and faculty/staff during the break.
  • COVID testing will only be available off campus through health-system partners. If you have a confirmed case of COVID-19, you are required to isolate at home. 
  • The college will suspend its provision of quarantine/isolation accommodations.
    • Students will need to return home for any necessary period of quarantine/isolation.
    • Students living on campus over winter break who are experiencing symptoms and test positive need to inform SNC:
      • During office hours (8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday), call Health Services at 920-403-3266.
      • Outside of office hours, call Campus Safety at 920-403-3299 or the REH staff member on call for your area.
  • All COVID policies continue to apply over break: No off-campus guests allowed overnight, guest policy of 1 guest per bed space with a max of 10, etc.

The winter break housing application will be available on the REH webpage by November 2. 

Wherever you choose to spend your winter break, we hope it’s a productive and restorative time for you. And remember: following COVID guidelines will help make the world a safer place, wherever you’re able to spend your time. Your precautions over break will help protect our campus when the new semester begins.

REH Office