Important health information for November

Nov. 5, 2020

Dear students,

In these still-early days of November, we want to share more about our approach and expectations for the remaining weeks of the semester. We understand your desire to be with your friends these last few weeks on campus, but an increased number of students entering quarantine and isolation in recent days has us concerned. Our plans are built around your safety and your family’s safety, since most of you will be returning home for the break.

  • We are nearing one “incubation cycle” before most of you return home. Your compliance with masks and physical distancing, along with your avoidance of unsafe settings such as bars or crowded parties, will help to ensure you do not bring COVID-19 with you when you head home for semester break. Think of your loved ones, especially any who may be old or frail, when choosing how to socialize these next few weeks.
  • Continue to monitor your symptoms daily, and reach out to Health Services if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • Health Services will continue providing care for students in isolation or quarantine at the Kress Inn throughout November. Students are also welcome to utilize testing widely available in the local community.
  • Beginning next week, you can expect our Health Services staff and contact tracing team to begin actively talking with any students facing a new need to isolate or quarantine about how their timeline intersects with Thanksgiving. We’ll encourage students to travel home (when safe and feasible) if the end of their time in isolation or quarantine is November 25 or later. That said, we understand there could be scenarios where students are unable to return home safely, and we are prepared to house students needing quarantine or isolation in the Kress Inn until it is safe for them to return home. One example may be a student whose mode of return home is a flight since it is not safe to fly when quarantined or isolated.
  • Follow the CDC’s guidance for travelers as you make plans to return home.

We also want to take this time to reinforce existing guidelines and recommendations:

  • The Safer at SNC order remains in place with its existing parameters.
  • Symptomatic students who are tested in the local community must isolate until they have results. You can isolate at your permanent residence or on campus at the Kress Inn. It is essential for symptomatic students to isolate so as to limit the spread to those on campus.
  • All students are strongly encouraged to get an influenza vaccine. Not only can this protect you from influenza, but it can help you avoid unnecessary isolation in the spring semester. This is because influenza and COVID have very similar symptoms; students displaying these symptoms will have to isolate until they have a negative COVID test and symptom improvement. If you still need to be vaccinated, contact Health Services for an appointment, or get vaccinated in the local community. 

We’ve been asking you all semester to take steps to keep yourselves and the campus community safe. A clear majority of you have responded with a high level of care and responsible behavior. We thank you for that! We ask that you continue acting responsibly for the sake of our campus and those you love!

Julie Massey
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Chrystal Woller 
Director of Health Services