In preparation for the end of the semester

Nov. 18, 2020

Dear faculty and staff,

As we approach the end of the semester, please take note of these updates related to COVID-19 and our campus community.

COVID-19 campus protocols
Our existing COVID-19 protocols will remain intact for the duration of break, including the Safer at SNC order for students. We will continue to update the COVID-19 case dashboard regularly to reflect the number of cases that have a campus impact.

The majority of students will be returning home for break, so on-campus COVID-19 testing, isolation and quarantine will not be available for students until classes resume in spring.

Flu vaccinations
We strongly encourage you to get an influenza vaccine. Not only can this protect you from influenza, but it can help you avoid unnecessary time away from campus. This is because influenza and COVID-19 have very similar symptoms; students, faculty and staff displaying these symptoms will have to isolate until they have a negative COVID-19 test and symptom improvement. If you still need to be vaccinated, contact Health Services for an appointment, or get vaccinated in the local community.

Campus access
At the conclusion of the fall semester, beginning Saturday, Dec. 5, card access will be required for all buildings on campus. Make sure to bring your ID if you are planning to be on campus. Card access to student residential buildings will be limited to only those students who have applied and have been accepted to live on campus over break.

College operations
The majority of campus offices, services and departments will have modified operations over winter break. In many cases, offices will shift back to remote work until the spring semester begins. These arrangements will be made on a department by department basis; for complete information about modified hours or service delivery, visit an office’s, service’s or department’s website.

Heating on campus
Because the majority of students, faculty and staff will be away from campus during the break, the heat in some campus buildings will be turned down to 65 degrees to conserve energy. Make sure to dress accordingly if you plan to be on campus.

Please continue to check your St. Norbert College email during the break for more campus updates related to COVID-19.