COVID-19 immunization information

Jan. 20, 2021

Dear faculty and staff,

We are well aware that COVID-19 vaccines are top of mind for many of us. And as we shared recently, the college is an approved vaccination site. We want to provide some important and timely information. We remind you that, while we strongly recommend vaccination, at this time we are not requiring the COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccination for those covered by the Wisconsin criteria for 1A
On Saturday, Jan. 9, Health Services was informed that it would receive a small amount of vaccine for college employees involved in health care as well as those whose work has them in regular contact with COVID-19-positive students in our quarantine and isolation facility, the Kress Inn.

The “roster” of those college staff who matched the requirements was reviewed by the De Pere Health Department, and one clarifying question was forwarded to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (WI DHS) for final guidance. Those employees received their first dose of Pfizer vaccine the week of Jan. 11. Health Services received three vials of vaccine, which were guaranteed to yield 15 vaccines, and happily 17 employees were vaccinated within 120 hours of the vaccine’s arrival. Receipt of the second doses for those employees is anticipated the first week of February.

Vaccination for those employees age 65 and older
Wisconsin has just expanded its target vaccination population to include residents aged 65 and older. When the college submitted our weekly order request for the vaccine on Tuesday, Jan. 19, this group was included in the numbers. We expect to learn on Friday or Saturday whether and how much vaccine we will receive for distribution the week of Jan. 25. We will communicate with faculty and staff once we know more.

Check with your health care provider
We encourage those who are eligible for vaccination to pursue all available avenues. Health Services is happy to serve as many colleagues (and later, students) as it can, but it’s most important that you become vaccinated, when eligible. It’s our understanding that local health systems as well as some pharmacies also expect shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine. Check with your health care provider or pharmacy for more information.

Vaccination for those student-facing positions in higher education
We are aware of the recommendations for vaccine eligibility for those whose higher-education jobs put them in close contact with students. These recommendations are not yet finalized/endorsed by the state, and the period of public comment has closed. We’re hopeful those recommendations will be finalized soon. Once this guidance is clear, and the state’s vaccinators are approved by WI DHS to move forward into this additional phase, we will again be in contact with you. Since we expect this to be a larger group, Health Services is likely to offer one or more mass clinics for immunization at that point.

Feel free to send any questions you may have to for routing to the person or office best equipped to answer.