Lots to love!

Feb. 11, 2021

Dear students,

As we head into a weekend that focuses on love (insert your preferred delight or disgust emoji!), it seems a good time to take a loving look at what you’re doing and what we need you to keep doing!

We love that you’re wearing cloth face coverings, inside and out!
This is our policy: cloth face coverings, worn over the nose and mouth. This policy does not rely on state mandates; whatever those are or are not, this policy is what we are doing to help keep each other safer. A very small number of community members have a documented accommodation that allows them alternative measures. Everyone else: Keep it up … mask up!

We love that you made snowpeople!
And we look forward to the next good packing snow when you can make more! We know it’s been bitterly cold, but when the temperatures get better we hope you’ll get outside. It’s good for your mind, body and spirit! Did you know you can even get reimbursed for costs you incur having winter fun?

We love that our first two weeks of surveillance testing had 100% compliance! 
We remind everyone that any test is only a point-in-time indication. We’re happy when people receive a negative test result from entry or surveillance testing. But we must remind you that a test result from yesterday changes nothing about today. Masks, distance, cleaning – these are the tools we must all continue to employ.

We love that you care about each other!
We remind you that Share a Concern is a good tool to share ongoing issues. But if something needs real-time response, it’s best to contact your RA on duty or call Campus Safety at 920-403-3299.

Green Knights, we love that you’re back! It wasn’t the same without you!

Julie Massey  
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs