Wisconsin’s expanded vaccine eligibility and SNC waitlist

March 12, 2021

Dear students, faculty and staff,

Yesterday the state of Wisconsin announced expanded eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine, effective March 29. SNC Health Services is preparing now for that time by expanding the SNC vaccine waitlist to include students, faculty and staff who will be eligible beginning March 29. We remind you that: a) the college is not requiring the COVID vaccine at this time (though we highly recommend it!), and b) SNC is not your only location at which to be vaccinated when eligible. We support and encourage seeking vaccination at other locations even if you hope to be vaccinated at St. Norbert.

Health Services anticipates receiving additional COVID vaccine inventory in the coming weeks to accommodate the March 29 eligibility expansion. Vaccine supply or brand is never promised, but it will be important for Health Services to understand the potential demand to request sufficient doses and plan mass clinics.

Completing the information required to be on the waitlist is a first step. It will not automatically guarantee you receive the vaccine on campus. For any week in which the college is allotted COVID vaccine, invitations to schedule an appointment will be sent in the order of registration on the waitlist and will be based on allotment of the vaccine.

Please keep in mind if you receive Pfizer or Moderna for your first dose, you would need to return to the same location in 21 or 28 days for your second dose (depending on what COVID vaccine brand is received). Currently, second-dose shipments are allocated automatically and assigned for those who already received the first dose.

If you place your name on the waitlist, but can receive the vaccine more expediently in the greater community, please receive the vaccine at those off-campus locations. If you are vaccinated off campus, please alert Health Services (by calling 920-403-3266 or emailing health@snc.edu) to remove you from the waitlist.

For more information on vaccinations, see the COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions or email covid19response@snc.edu.