Important updates and reminders

March 22, 2021

Dear students,

Hope continues building! I know many of you noted the end of last week when we had zero active cases on campus. We are so grateful for all your work to keep our campus numbers of COVID-19 infections down. As noted a couple weeks ago, we are working to balance important public health guidelines with providing you a more typical college experience. With this in mind, we have two updates I know you will welcome. 

Effective today, we are rescinding the requirement to mask outdoors on campus

  • Masks still are required inside all campus buildings, with the exception of one’s personal residence. 
  • Remember to practice physical distancing, even outdoors. While the CDC changed the physical distancing guidelines for K-12 education late last week, this change has not been more generally applied. At this time, being counted as a close contact to an index case, which requires one to quarantine, results from spending 15 minutes or more within 6 feet of a person. Being outdoors, while safer, does not change that public health definition.
  • Please respect anyone who decides it is easier or safer for them to continue masking outdoors.
  • And we remind you once again that masking, required indoors, means fully covering both nose and mouth.

Also effective today, we are changing the programming on student campus IDs to allow students to swipe into the residence halls of their peers. Until now, we had restricted swipe access to one’s own hall to limit density in residence hall spaces. 

  • There is no change to the maximum number of students allowed to gather in residential spaces (two times the number of students who reside there, or a maximum of 10, whichever is smaller). We encourage you to stay mindful of this capacity when inviting friends to visit or when dropping by a friend’s room.
  • Curfew remains unchanged.
  • Students indicated residence hall card access was a source of frustration and inconvenience, and it is one we feel we can adjust without significant risk.

These updates, as is the case with all adjustments to campus life during COVID-19, are subject to ongoing review. Additional changes may be considered in the coming weeks.

Other reminders
Beginning today, individuals age 16 and older with certain medical conditions are eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations in the state of Wisconsin, according to the DHS eligibility guidelines. If you are eligible under the current guidelines, you are encouraged to sign up for SNC Health Service’s vaccine waitlist. I remind you that: a) the college is not requiring the COVID vaccine at this time (though we highly recommend it!), and b) SNC is not your only location at which to be vaccinated when eligible. We also recommend seeking vaccination at other locations even if you hope to be vaccinated at St. Norbert. We look forward to the day when all students are eligible, and we will work to provide as many doses on campus as possible.

Finally, as we approach Easter weekend, I’d like to offer a couple reminders:

  • Take precautions while traveling: If you decide to travel, it’s critical that you be extra cautious. By traveling, you’ll be extending your circle, so attention to the three W’s (wear a mask, watch your distance and wash your hands) will be extremely important.
  • Socialize safely: You’ve earned some down time! Please keep it safe, though. Keep your circle small and remember that outside is safer than inside. As the weather allows, go for walks, head to a local park or nature preserve, or even just sit outside for a conversation.

Green Knights, your commitment to keeping each other safe is inspiring. Thank you for working hard this year under tough circumstances. Keep up the great work!

Julie Massey  
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs