COVID update: vaccination rates and Biden ruling

Sept. 22, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We have something to celebrate this week: Our community vaccination rate has reached 76%! As of Monday, 75% of our students and 78% of our employees have records on file showing that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

That’s terrific work! And it demonstrates the care and compassion our community has for one another. I am so proud of those who have prioritized the health of their colleagues and themselves and have taken tangible steps to get us closer to normal life on campus. To give some perspective, you can see here how our student vaccination rate compares with UW colleges. 

We’re on the right track, but we have more work to do. As we shared last week, St. Norbert has launched the #90in90 initiative to achieve a 90% vaccination rate in 90 days, by Oct. 30. A 90% vaccination rate will give us a robust level of protection on campus, meaning fewer members of our community will experience severe infections caused by COVID-19 compared with areas with lower vaccination rates. 

So if you haven’t yet received your COVID-19 vaccination, I encourage you to reach out to Health Services today at or 920-403-3266 to schedule a free and confidential appointment, or find vaccination appointments in the community. Here at SNC, we strongly believe that the widely available COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, and that they are the best method of protecting oneself, our campus, and the wider community.

If you have received your COVID-19 vaccination, thank you! There are more ways you can help our community: I encourage you to have open and honest conversations about vaccination with your colleagues or students who may be hesitant to get their vaccinations. Listen to their concerns, tell them why you chose to get vaccinated, and perhaps offer to walk to Health Services with them.

I’d also like to share with you that the SNC President’s Cabinet is having ongoing discussions about the vaccine and testing requirements recently announced by U.S. President Biden for organizations with 100 or more employees. We’ll share more about how those requirements impact St. Norbert College as information becomes available.

We’re doing great work, inching toward our 90% goal week by week. Let’s work together to make sure we can get there with plenty of time left in the fall semester to enjoy the benefits of widespread protection from COVID-19 on our campus.

Go Green Knights!


Brian J. Bruess, Ph.D.
St. Norbert College