Adapting to meet your needs

Following the college’s safety-first approach, most offices and operations will continue to operate virtually when possible.

Building access

Card and/or key access to all buildings is required for all faculty, staff and students. Temporary building access can be made available upon request and approval.

Students living on campus will have access to only their assigned buildings. Faculty and staff access to student housing will be restricted to those who require access for their work.

General measures

Most appointments will remain virtual for the following offices and departments. In-person meetings may be available by appointment, but with enhanced pre-screening measures (by asking about symptoms and exposure prior to meeting) and cleaning, as well as physical distancing, as possible. Check websites or contact the department for availability.

Whenever possible, the following offices and departments will continue virtual meetings between students, faculty and staff, collaborators, and clients. These offices will continue to communicate via video conference, email and phone. For projects and programs, physical-distancing guidelines will be followed. Enhanced daily cleaning of research- and creative-activity equipment and spaces will be adopted; disposable gloves and hand-sanitizing stations are available in workspaces.

Bush Art Center galleries

Galleries will be open during their normal operating hours. The attendance capacity for each gallery is based on square footage, and signage is posted as a reminder for visitors to keep physically distant. Attendants on duty will monitor capacity and behavior. Disposable masks will be made available.

Campus safety

Campus Safety will operate at full workforce capacity. The safety shuttle service will operate and follow strict health and safety precautions. The department will provide enhanced personal protective equipment for first responders in accordance with the CDC guidelines.

Cassandra Voss Center

The CVC is open to the campus community via card access, but is closed to the public. Health and safety precautions are in place, and programming is offered in hybrid formats, both online and in-person, with limited physical participation. Student staff primarily will work remotely.

Center for Global Engagement

ESL instruction will be delivered in traditional classrooms following CDC physical-distancing guidelines. If physical distancing cannot be met and no other space is available, alternative instruction modes or hybrid course models, with delivery both online and in-person, will reduce the number of students in attendance.

Center for Norbertine Studies

The CNS (Mulva Library 201) will be open to the college community during regular library hours, but capacity will be strictly limited to four visitors at a time.

Programming is offered in hybrid formats, both online and in-person, with limited physical participation. Public participation remains virtual. Student staff will work remotely.

Children’s Center

The center will be open at less-than-full capacity. Children in high-risk categories should remain at home. Health and safety measures, ratios, capacity and enrollment conform to the Badger Bounce Back plan’s best practices for childcare providers and the CDC’s guidance for childcare programs.

Examples of enhanced health and safety precautions at the center include:

  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Strict hand hygiene
  • Required masking
  • Monitoring for fever/symptoms
  • Immediate notification of symptoms
  • Influenza vaccination strongly encouraged

Honors Program

The honors center will not be available as a public space for honors students or others.

All programming is offered in a hybrid format, both online and in-person, and is restricted to members of the honors community, with limited physical participation per location. Student staff will work remotely.

Information Technology Services/Tech Bar

Services will be provided by phone or email. Virtual appointments are preferred.

Mulva Library

The library is open to campus, with health and safety precautions in place, but is closed to the public. Virtual and alternate service delivery continues.

Norman Miller Center

The center will not be available as a public space. While in Phase 2, the Miller Center will not serve as a polling place for the City of De Pere. All students (including those on campus) will be encouraged to vote via absentee ballot.

All programming is offered in a hybrid format, both online and in-person, and is restricted to members of the college community, with limited physical participation per location. Public participation remains virtual.

St. Norbert College Parish

As a parish of the Green Bay Diocese, the St. Norbert College Parish follows guidelines established by the diocese. College and parish leadership will continue to collaborate on any public health concerns.


The following safety measures are in place for theatres on campus:

  • Live-streaming options for performances are available.
  • The in-person capacity for venues including Walter Theatre, Webb Theatre and Birder Hall has been reduced to comply with the 6-foot physical distancing rule.
  • The number of participants in performances is reduced to allow for as much physical distancing backstage as possible.
  • Theatre entrances and public bathrooms have been marked to maintain physical distancing while queuing.
  • The box office can support touchless payments and implement print-at-home and mobile tickets.
  • Disposable masks will be on hand for guests.
  • Whenever possible, events will be reorganized to eliminate intermissions.
  • Enhanced cleaning measures are in place, including the installation of sanitizing stations and enhanced cleaning of personal performance equipment such as microphones and musical instruments.


For more information about our return to campus, view the phased operational plan overview.