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Coronavirus Response Team

The coronavirus response team is a cross-functional group that meets three times per week to advise college leadership on matters related to COVID-19.
  • Susan Allen (Communications)
  • Chris Betcher (Alumni & Parent Relations)
  • Jenn Bonds-Raacke (Academic Affairs)
  • Sue Brinkman (Human Resources)
  • Mike Counter (Communications)
  • Melissa DaPra (Dining Services)
  • Eric Dunning (Campus Safety)
  • Lauren Gaecke (Registrar)
  • Gail Gilbert (Study Abroad)
  • Julie Massey (Mission & Student Affairs)
  • Krissy Lukens (Information Technology Services)
  • Elizabeth Miller (Finance)
  • Nina Rouse (Communications)
  • Dan Stoll (Center for Global Engagement)
  • Joe Totman (Residential Education & Housing)
  • Rick Warpinski (Auxiliary Services)
  • Chrystal Woller (Health Services)
  • Patrick Wrenn (Facilities)
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