Policies and guidance

An important element of minimizing infections at St. Norbert College is limiting travel to and from campus. In addition to the measures outlined below, the college has adjusted the academic calendar to limit extended breaks as a means of minimizing the transmission of the virus to campus.

Personal travel

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to travel only when deemed essential and to take health and safety precautions. Traveling may require you to quarantine on your return in accordance with current public-health guidance. Those who return to campus following international travel will follow CDC guidelines for health precautions and quarantine.

College-sponsored employee travel

The college is permitting only essential travel that has prior approval from supervisors and administration. Health and safety precautions must be followed. Employees may be required to quarantine on their return in accordance with current public-health guidance.

Study abroad

The determination to deliver study-abroad programs, including the overseas student-teaching program, will be made on a program-by-program basis using an evaluative tool approved by college administration. This tool weighs factors such as:

  • Whether U.S. embassies and consulates are open in the host country (and hence able to provide support to U.S. citizens in that country).
  • Whether the host country requires a period of quarantine for visitors.
  • The level of support from the college’s partners in the country.
Determinations also will reference appropriate guidance from entities such as International SOS, the CDC and recognized study-abroad best-practices. It is possible that a country may meet all of the thresholds for sending SNC students, but a study-abroad program may not (for instance, if the institution abroad only is offering courses online).

Transportation arrangements

All members of the campus community are encouraged to use transportation that minimizes close contact (e.g. biking, walking, or driving or riding by car either alone or with household members). If public transportation must be used, commute during less busy times, wear a face mask and clean hands immediately after the trip.