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2020-21 Programs

ANTHEM! - Sound Resilience During Hard Times

We find ourselves in a historical moment marked by a long overdue reckoning with structural racism, contentious political divide, and a global pandemic that has radically shifted our everyday lives. This year has been incredibly difficult and painful, and it has provided a profound reminder of how important resilience is for all of us. But most importantly, this year has illuminated how the pursuit of resilience must be collective.

Given this, we are excited to be organizing a series of events and programs focused on music (as well as other aspects of sound such as spoken word, poetry, podcasts, etc.) and the ways in which sound can be a sustaining force in our lives during hard times. Year Anthem! will bring powerful and engaging scholars, artists, & change-agents whose work illustrates how music has proven to be a driving force in movements for social change. These events will also explore how music can function as an important site to examine identities, power, and imagining a more just future.

Anthems articulate a shared group identity, a cause, and a purpose. Together, let’s explore the music and the sounds that can help us engage in “transformative thinking for a just world.”

2021 Programs

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