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That’s Not Funny!: Humor, Satire & Sexual Violence

Fri, Oct. 2, 2015 3:00pm, Ft. Howard Theater

Part of Northeast Wisconsin Violence Prevention & Advocacy Series partnering with Lawrence University and UW- Oshkosh, Oct 2-7, 2015 (LEARN MORE)

Presenter: JOE SAMALIN is Senior Program Manager at Breakthrough, a global human rights organization working to make violence against women and girls unacceptable. Samalin has worked with the U.S. National Committee for UN Women as well as national organization Men Can Stop Rape, and is featured in digital publications “The Good Men Project” and “Masculinity U.”

Description:  From rape jokes to Amy Schumer, how do we talk about sexual violence? Joe Samalin of Breakthrough global human rights organization leads discussion with comedy clips exploring where/if/how and to what effect comedy works when talking about violence.



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