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LGBTQ Resources

The following resources are available for support or more information on various LGBTQ issues.

Campus Resources

Cor Unum: One Heart - A particular aspect of pastoral care at St. Norbert College.

SNC Gender and Sexuality Subcommittee - This subcommittee exists to identify and support current and on-going issues related to LGBTQ, gender expressions, gender identity and transgender issues.  The chair of the committee is Mike Peckham (

St. Norbert College LGBT + Spectrum Alliance - This social organization, for students of St. Norbert College affirms the sacred dignity and supports the health and well-being of individuals who identity as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. (  The president is SarahEllen Sankey ( and the vice president is Randi Groff ( 

Cassandra Voss Center (

Counseling and Psychological Services (

Emmaus Center (

Leadership, Student Engagement and First Year Experience (

Community Resources

Adult Gay Straight Alliance (AGSA) - Meetings held at the Union Congregational United Church of Christ, 716 South Madison Street, Green Bay. (920) 432-1283.

LGBT Voice of Green Bay - Visit their Facebook page @newlgbtvoice

Additional Reading


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Further Reading

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