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About the Emmaus Center for Spiritual Life and Vocation

Mission Statement
The Emmaus Center for Spiritual Life & Vocation joyfully cultivates the spiritual development of all members of the college and brings to life the Catholic and Norbertine traditions by fostering relationships and forming communities that:
  • Celebrate the ways we encounter God active in the world
  • Engage deep questions of meaning, vocation and faith
  • Move us to fulfill our call to work as agents of compassion

Core Values
In the Emmaus Center for Spiritual Life & Vocation, we approach ministry in a spirit that celebrates:

  • Radical inclusivity: Meeting you where you are and respecting the experiences you bring
  • Faith: Seeing you as a spiritual being and valuing the contributions religious traditions can make in your spiritual development
  • Calling: Journeying with you as you discern how you are called to offer your gifts and passions in generous response to the needs of the world
  • Questions: Honoring your exploration of faith and meaning, and offering the next question to consider
  • Wholeness: Helping you embrace the complex integration of action and contemplation, individual and community, tradition and experience. 
We believe that living in this spirit is to the mutual benefit of the individual, the community and our traditions.

Why Emmaus Center?
The Road to Emmaus is a powerful story of encountering Christ. Two of Jesus’s followers, shaken by his death, are on a journey from Jerusalem to the town of Emmaus. As they travel, Jesus joins them – though they do not initially recognize him. He asks what they are talking about and they describe all that has happened in the recent days. Jesus then explains the meaning of the scriptures and the way they shed light on his suffering and death. When they break bread together, the disciples finally recognize Jesus and comment to one another, “Were our hearts not burning within us while he talked with us on the road …” So moved by this encounter, the two disciples return to their community in Jerusalem and give witness to all they have seen.

The core values of the Emmaus Center are reflected in this story in powerful ways. As Jesus joined the two disciples on their journey we at the Emmaus Center, “meet you where you are.” As he retold the stories and teachings of their faith tradition, we value your life and faith and want to support you as you continue to grow. As the two disciples were called to give witness to the resurrection, we believe you are called to important work in the world – in your family life, your community engagement and your career. As Jesus invited their reflection by offering an important question, we believe in the power of questions as we make meaning and grow in understanding. This encounter with the risen Christ moves the disciples toward wholeness, as we strive to do in our ministry on campus – honoring the importance of action and contemplation, individual and community, tradition and experience.

Read the full passage of On the Road to Emmaus.
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