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Kairos is a Greek term referring to time. Whereas, we typically view time from the perspective of seconds, minutes and hours,This retreat is a weekend-long retreat held across the river at St. Norbert Abbey that explores the depth and beauty of the Catholic faith through an experience of communio - a community called together with Christ as its center. Rooted in the vision of Communio as found in Acts 2:42-47, Kairos strives to create an authentic Christian community as participants explore deep and meaningful questions connected to their relationship with God, others and self.

This retreat features a series of talks, small groups, sacramental prayer experiences and free time for reflection, relaxation and community building. This year the retreat will be held November 17-19. To register for the retreat please fill out the registration form or contact Jason Salisbury at Once registered please drop off your registration fee of $20.00 (checks payable to St. Norbert College) to the Emmaus Center, TWH M29. Registrations are due by November 10th, 2017. If the cost is prohibitive please contact Jason Salisbury to talk about it.


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