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What Can You Do With an English Major?

A frequently asked question is, “What can you do with an English major?” Based on a recent survey we did of more than 900 St. Norbert College alumni who majored in English the answer is, quite simply, “What can’t you do with an English major?”

Certainly, some of our English majors go on to graduate programs in English or in other professional programs such as law, but others have taken their English major and applied it to a surprising number of professional fields. Here are some examples from our alumni:

Name Occupation(s)
John Acker Lawyer
Gail Aggen Poet, Artist
Brooke Auxier Ph.D. Student
Jen Bauer Marketing Coordinator
Jim Bellanca Teacher, Educational Writer
Sara Benesh Professor of Political Science
Stacey Carleson Handeland Editor, Catalog Manager
Paige Caulum Copywriter
Cletus Celvaux Teacher, Librarian
Emily Clark Program Coordinator, Nursing Student
Shannon Clowney Human Resources Specialist
Mike Colloway Lawyer, Law Department Management
James R. David Psychotherapist
Mary Denis Marketing and Promotions
Renee Dragani Paralegal
Joyce Drewiecki French and English Teacher
John Dupont Teacher, Editor
Janice L. Eickhorst Publishing Company Clerk
Megan Engsberg Ph.D. Student
Katie Evans Operations/Marketing Director
Frank Fehrenbach Business Process Imporvement
Sheena Frydrych International English Teacher
Michael Hartford Software Engineer
David Hawking National Sales Manager for Tyden Books
Gerard J. Hruska Law Enforcement
Casey Hurley Teacher, Professor
Kristen Jeanquart Communications
Briana Jones Copy Editor
Steven Joyce German and Literature Professor
Margaret Kachadurian Barpal Editor, Public Relations
Kelley Kepler Communication Instructor
Leanne Knobloch Communications Professor
Jamie Leick Freelance Writer
Brian Martin Retreat Director
Fr. Alfred McBride, O. Praem Clergyman, Writer, Speaker
Jennifer McMahon Information Literacy Skills Instructor
Jerry Meulemans Teacher
Paul Nicolaus Writer Center Director
Erin Nitka-Kenth Technical Writer
Anne Noth Chiu Proofreader/Signwriter
Ellen Simpson Novotny Teacher
Patrick J. Nuss HR Assistant, Entrepreneur
Danielle Oeding Salesperson
Bill O'Leksy Information Technology Instructor
Sara Pagliaroni  Conductor of on-line writing lab
Andrew Palmer Ph.D. Student, Songwriter
Jim Paplham Teacher, and Administrator
Pam Parzych Teacher, Newspaper Education
Martha Pings Social Services Training Coordinator
Patricia Rada-Sidinger Physician Assistant
Cari Anne Renlund Attorney
Kevin Revolinski Travel and Freelance Writer
Michael Ronk Accountant, Writer
Carrie Sand Teacher, Instructional Coach
Jim Santy Teacher, School Psychologist
Rebecca Dinan Schneider Communications Director
Francis U. Seroogy Attorney
Carol Shepherd Copywriter, Teacher
Maggie Standish Charitable Literacy Instructor
Shannon Swaziek Attorney, Legal Writer
Mike Thiel Entertainment Reporter
Paul Utterback International English Teacher
Tim Van Alstine NCAA Athletic Director
Lynne Van Hollen Lawyer, Criminal Justice Teacher
Jan Volk Teacher
Dan Wagnitz Human Resource Director
Mark Weigman English Teacher
Vicky Weiss Professor, College Administrator
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