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What the Ogre Made Us Do!

“What the Ogre Made Us Do!” is a collection of original fairy tales written by the students of John Pennington's Classical and Contemporary Fairy Tales Course (ENGL 289: Special Topics) in the spring semester of 2011. A Classroom and Pedagogical Collaborative Grant from the St. Norbert Collaborative made the print and web versions of this anthology possible.

The tales feature a variety of themes and approaches to the fairy-tale genre – or rather, each tale has its own flavor. As Pennington notes in his introduction to the anthology, “Recipes do indeed vary, but at heart are tales you’ll want to gobble up, slurp, and relish.” We hope you find “What the Ogre Made Us Do!” to be a delectable dish indeed.

Introduction - John Pennington
The First Beauty for the Beast - Alexis Achs
The Tale of the Magnificent Prince Abrams - Chris Amann
Innocence and the Contradiction - Jennifer Baranczyk
No Sex in the City - Brigette Baudhuin
Swine and Star - Taylor Bowie
After Happily Ever After - Caitlyn Daczyk
Little Red, Ridin' in the Hood - Matt DeStefano
Always and Forever - Becca Doll
The Slipper Didn't Fit - Nicole Hecimovich
Fire and Ice - Brigid O'Brien
Every Child's Dream - Kait Paker
Talia - Gretchen Panzer
The Dancing Princess - Monica Platten
Wash Your Fears Away - Brittany Reinemann
To Win a Prince's Heart - Emma Riehl
The Magic Crystal - Allison Shackelton
The Hundred-Year Nightmare - Carolyn Silverberg
The Boy in the Trees - Sarah Spaulding
Clarabelle - Luanne Spence
The Birth of the Hatch and Dash - Katie Talken
Cinderella's Glass Slipper - Cara Tazioli
Artemis and Diana - Sarah Titus
The Oleander Chronicles - Sarah VanSchyndel
Blue and the Black Water - Claire Westlie