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Tips for Saving Energy

Below is a list of 10 easy things we all can do to conserve energy and other resources. 
  1. Manually open outside doors instead of using automatic door operators. Having doors open too long allows precious heat to escape.
  2. Use the stairs instead of elevators. Elevators cost energy to operate.
  3. Shut off any lights that are not needed.
  4. Make sure that heat registers, cold air return grilles, radiators or other types of heat sources are not obstructed. When heat is diverted or blocked, the systems must work harder.
  5. Shut off computers, TVs and other electronic equipment when not in use. 
  6. Utilize the heat and natural light from the sun. Passive solar heat through your windows saves energy. Natural light saves using artificial lighting. Likewise, close shades and drapes when there is no natural sunlight. This will hold heat within the building.
  7. Turn your thermostats down to a lower setting. A setback programmable thermostat, when used properly, can save energy.
  8. Try wearing warmer clothing. This will not only make you more comfortable, but will also allow for thermostats to be lowered.
  9. At home, have your furnaces cleaned and inspected. Change air filters periodically.
  10. Check your windows to make sure they are tightly shut.
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