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Financial Aid Secure Document Upload

Please click on the secure file upload button below to submit your file(s) to the office of financial aid.


  1. Click on Secure Upload
  2. Enter your Name and Email Address
  3. Enter the student’s name and nine digit St. Norbert College ID number in the Subject Line
  4. Enter a description of the file(s) in the Message/Description/Instructions field
  5. Check the Notify me when the files have been downloaded box (optional)
  6. Click on Select files to send (Regular Upload) to upload your file(s)
  7. Choose your file(s) 
  8. Click on the Upload & Send button

After your files are uploaded, they will be submitted to the office of financial aid for review by your financial aid counselor. If you checked the notify me box in step five above, you will receive an email once the file has been received and downloaded by our office.

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