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Important Information

Where will I go and live during the Gap Experience?
If selected as a Gap Experience student, you’ll travel with up to 15 other students and St. Norbert College staff and faculty to various sites throughout the domestic U.S. and abroad. The first portion of the semester will focus on leadership and will be held at an outdoor leadership site. Following the leadership component, you will visit two U.S. locations and work with service organizations to help those in need. The final travel portion will include a five-week international experience. To see where we are headed, visit our Gap Experience timeline webpage.

Housing and meals will be provided at the sites and while traveling. All travel is supervised by St. Norbert College staff.

For the weeks between travel, the January-term and second semester, you will live on the St. Norbert campus.

How much does the Gap Experience cost?
The Gap Experience costs the same as regular St. Norbert College tuition, room and board. Students participating in the program are responsible for their travel costs to the starting location, home and back on breaks, and to fly to and from international locations. All other costs are included in your St. Norbert tuition, room and board. You can apply for financial aid by submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Any scholarships, academic awards or financial aid that you’re offered are applicable to the Gap Experience. Your fall tuition will include your J-Term course costs.

Can I participate in fall or spring sports?
Because you will be off campus the entire fall semester, you won’t be able to participate in fall sports your first year. However, you can speak with the coaching staff of your sport to discuss joining the team for the following season. If you’re interested in a spring sport, you should discuss it with the coach before departing for the Gap Experience.

What are the physical requirements for the Gap Experience?
Due to the strenuous nature of the program and travel schedule, you are encouraged to fully consider their participation, physical abilities and the associated risks. Contact Eric Wagner with questions about the types of activities you’ll be required to participate in as part of this program.

You’ll need to complete the normal health and immunization forms required of all St. Norbert students and carry private insurance or be covered under the policy offered through the college. Due to the strenuous nature of traveling in the wilderness, Voyageur Outward Bound staff will consult with you individually to determine your level of participation.

Can I do this and still participate in the Honors Program?
The Honors Program has required elements all four years. The curriculum for the Gap Experience differs from honors requirements, so you would not be able to participate in both the Gap Experience and the Honors Program. Both programs require a separate application process, so you may want to apply for both, in the event you’re not selected for one or the other.  

Will I need a passport?
Yes, because there’s international travel, you’ll need to acquire a passport if you don’t have one already. It can take a while to obtain a passport, so that should be one of your first objectives once accepted into the program.

Who can participate?
Any student who has applied and been accepted to St. Norbert College for the fall semester can apply to participate in the Gap Experience.

Will I still be considered a St. Norbert student and get full credit?
Yes, you'll be a fully enrolled St. Norbert College student. The experience is also designed to ensure, when combined with a January-term course, that you’ll be starting second semester with the same credits as all St. Norbert College second-semester students. Participants in this program qualify for our four-year graduation guarantee.
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