Start off your college years with a cohort of like-minded students … live, learn, explore and serve!

A Study of Contrasts

How’d you like to wrap up your first semester of college in the Caribbean? Not a bad way to begin your college career! You’ll have plenty of fun – sailing, hiking the rain forest, exploring a volcano – and you’ll grow in ways unimaginable. Most of that growth will come from the lives you touch through the people you’ll serve. 

Have You Seen Yourself?
By the time you reach this third part of your first semester experience, you’ll already have changed as a person. Chances are you’ll have a clearer picture of what you want your life to look like. The lessons you’ll learn and the experiences you’ll have in St. Lucia will help solidify that.

Types of Activities
Worried that you’ll get bored before your six weeks in St. Lucia are up? Not a chance! You’re going to be so busy, you won’t know where the time went.

What will you do those six weeks? Making connections will be a big part of it. While you’ll immediately see that you’re in an island paradise, when you look closer, you’ll also see that poverty is a nearby neighbor. Spend time with those neighbors and really get to know them. Despite their poverty, they have a strong spirit and you can help strengthen their spirit further. Visit the elderly, sick, orphaned, homebound and imprisoned. Build homes for them or provide a fresh coat of paint. Help out in the schools. Be a friend.

Time for Fun
You’ll work hard during your time in St. Lucia, but what’s a tropical paradise without a little fun! You’ll be within walking distance of the beach – rinse away the work of the day with a dip in the Caribbean Sea. You’ll take a sailboat day-trip, hike to a volcano and explore the rain forest. Winter will be settling in back on campus, but you’ll be lounging ocean-side. Visit the market and enjoy local cuisine, sightseeing and entertainment.

Where You’ll Stay
Our work will be centered in Castries City, St. Lucia, where we’ll have modest accommodations at the Pastoral Centre. We’ll have clean sleeping rooms, as well as toilet and shower facilities. You’ll eat well – there's nearly an endless variety of local vegetables, fruits and juices – and, after a day’s hard work, you’ll likely sleep well, too.

Where Is St. Lucia?
Located in the West Indies, which serve as the western boundary of the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia is offshore from Venezuela.