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Insurance and fees

Please refer to these links to view the following information: a letter regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the ACA & SGA Open Forum presentation and  ACA Insurance Terminology.

Insurance requirement

St. Norbert College requires students to have health insurance.

Unless proof of health insurance is provided, students will be enrolled in the St. Norbert College/WAICU Health Insurance plan (click here for enrollment form). This plan pays 100% of services, immunizations and medical care provided at Health and Wellness Services (HWS). This plan also participates in local and national networks, however, a deductible and/or co-payment may apply when accessing care in these networks. Optional dental coverage is also available.

Wisconsin In-Network WPS Providers can be found at and follow link to find a doctor. For out-of-state WPS networks please go to and click on find a provider for my first health and city.

Please assure your health insurance information is accurate and current enter your SNC username and password and click on the insurance icon.

PPO or HMO Insurance
Contact your insurance company to determine in-network providers and the method of referral to out-of-network providers, including SNC Health and Wellness Services. SNC HWS is not a PPO network provider for any insurance. All chargeable services will be sumbitted to your insurance plan. Your plan will pay the "Out of Network" rate and the balance will be billed to you. If you have questions regarding this billing process, please call 920-403-3266.

Having your health insurance information entered electronically will expedite processing of insurance claims for medical care in Health and Wellness Services. All charges from HWS will be posted to student's account in the Bursar Office, with no qualifying clinical information.

Health insurance is available for spouses and dependents of students enrolled in the St. Norbert College Health Insurance plan. Contact the Bursar Office for details.

Health fees

A health fee of $75 per semester is assessed every student for general services provided in Health and Wellness Services including basic counseling services. Advanced medical provider and diagnostic lab services are Fee-for-Service and billed to student's insurance (deductibles and co-payments apply as per individual insurance policies).

Emergency Services
New Student Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions

Graduating Seniors

Current students enrolled in the SNC WAICU Health Plan are eligible to continue coverage with a health plan for up to 9 months after graduation. Go to and click on continuation coverage.

The new Health Care Law and "Getting Covered Campaign" is provided to inform young Americans about insurance coverage after graduation. A toolkit is available at no charge that will assist you in determining what health care insurance may be available to you after graduation .








The St. Norbert College/WAICU Health Insurance Plan enrollment is offered to assure that all SNC students have access to affordable health care.

Mental Health Provider Directory
Search for mental and behavioral health clinicians and hospitals.

Graduating Seniors and the Affordable Care Act
This website will help you understand your options through your parent's insurance plan if you are under 26 years old.

Primary Care
Local area primary care hospitals, clinics and mental health providers.

Health Services

Phone: (920) 403-3266
Fax: (920) 403-3099

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