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SNC Step It Up

St. Norbert College students, faculty and staff are invited and encouraged to join our dynamic walking program! 
Our walk begins:  Monday, Oct. 1st

In a collaborative effort with Health Services, this program provides an opportunity for the SNC walking participants to connect with people in the community through non-profit organizations.  Together, in a gesture of generosity and caring, SNC and the walking participants are helping the less fortunate in the area.

We will be walking for non-profit 501(c)3 organizations that accept gift cards to help with their mission.

This walking program involves choosing a non-profit organization from the list shown on the registration page. Your individual team of 2 to 5 people will be part of a larger group that has selected the same non-profit organization.

Walking steps will be tallied for each organization’s supporting team.

At the end of five weeks each of the non-profit organizations will receive a gift card. The monetary value of the card will be pre-determined and distributed by the highest to lowest step counts achieved.

  • Register online:  The Registration page  gives further details about the non-profit organizations.
  • Teams:  2 to 5 walkers, one person designated as the team captain
  • Team name:  This is the non-profit organization your team is walking for.
  • Keep track of your steps: Use a pedometer, cellphone app or any other device that will record your daily steps
  • Conversion chart:  Use this to convert your daily activites into steps (directions can be found on the chart)
  • Record your steps:  Directions will be emailed to registered participants
  • How far have we walked?  This page shows all the teams and everyone's progress
  • Fees? No fees, it's totally free!
  • Recognizing the non-profit organizations - Our team walk concludes on Nov. 4th - 5 weeks of accomplishing our goal for a healthier lifestyle and helping our community!

Our Goal
Our goal is to have everyone achieve either:
10,000 steps a day
30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily, converted into a step count 

And if your daily step count goes beyond this, that will be fantastic!

Wellness By Design
Being aware of The Eight Dimensions of Wellness and trying to balance these dimensions every day is a way to improve our mental and physical health.  Daily physical health includes eating healthy foods, getting adequate hours of sleep and physical activity. View this video for more information. 

Steps Around Campus
These step counts are approximate and depending on the person's stride length.
College Ave lot P12 to Main Hall: 556 steps
Mulva Family Fitness and Sports Center to Cofrin: 543 steps
Gries Hall to Boyle: 535 steps
Campus center to Mulva Library: 416 steps
Bergstrom to Burke: 502 steps
Sensenbrenner to Mad/Lor: 487 steps
3M to Michels Commons:  430 steps

Mindful Walking Guidance

Stay Connected!  
Find up-to-date information and highlights by following this exciting event on our Take the Challenge blog, and make sure to follow Health and Wellness on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter!

"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air of your imagination."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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