Your studies in history can provide a framework for future knowledge, open up new perspectives on where we have come and suggest alternatives to the way things are done now.

History Major Course Requirements

Required History Courses

(10 Courses)

  • HIST 112 History of Western Civilization 1: From the Bronze Age to the Renaissance or HIST 113 History of Western Civilization 2: Early Modern and Modern Europe
  • HIST 114 / AMER 114 History of the United States 1 or HIST 115 / AMER 115 History of the United States 2 

Two courses from the following

  • HIST 118 Survey of African History 
  • HIST 120 Survey of Middle Eastern History 
  • HIST 122 Modern East Asia 
  • HIST 130 History of Latin America 

Three advanced (200 or above) courses from one area (see below for areas)
Two advanced courses from a second area (see below for areas)
One advanced course from a third area (see below for areas)

Areas of concentration and their advanced courses:

  • Africa: HIST 335, HIST 341, HIST 344, HIST 345, HIST 351
  • Asia: HIST 351, HIST 361, HIST 362, HIST 363, HIST 364, HIST 368 
  • Europe: HIST 326, HIST 328, HIST 329, HIST 331, HIST 332, HIST 350, HIST 351, HIST 370 
  • Latin America: HIST 311, HIST 316, HIST 321, HIST 333 
  • Middle East: HIST 340, HIST 341, HIST 343, HIST 354 
  • United States: HIST 335, HIST 345, HIST 368, HIST 389s

History majors, especially those planning to do graduate work, are strongly encouraged to study a foreign language. Transfer students who wish to earn a major in History must satisfy the above requirements or their equivalent and must complete, on this campus, at least three advanced courses.

Students may use AP / CLEP examination credit to fulfill their major requirements as follows: one course in Western Civilization (HIST 112 or HIST 113) and one course in United States History (HIST 114).