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Student Staff

Community Coordinators
Community coordinators are students who oversee Bergstrom and Michels Hall as well as upper class areas under the guidance of the professional area coordinator staff.

Resident Assistants (RA)
Resident assistants are experienced student leaders who live on each floor of the residence halls. Your RA has been selected as a resident assistant because of his or her concern for others, knowledge of the college, scholarship and dedication to the philosophy of residence hall living. He or she facilitates an active and cooperative living environment that is conducive to studying, personal growth and safety. They also receive special training in all aspects of residence hall life to personally assist students and/or to make referrals in such situations.

During regular business hours, call the hall office number. After regular business hours, the on-duty phones for each residence hall are in service from 4:30 p.m.-8 a.m. Monday through Thursday, and on Friday, 4:30 p.m.-8 a.m. Monday morning. On-duty coverage varies during breaks. Campus Safety is available at all times at 920-403-3299.

Bergstrom Hall 
Office: 920-403-3704
On Duty: 920-676-7979
Chris Stewart Area Coordinator
Migena Vula Community Assistant
Beau Fountaine Resident Assistant
Elisha Jaeke Resident Assistant
Nya Karner Resident Assistant
Burke Hall
Office: 920-403-3589
On Duty: 920-676-7977 
Angel Gelhar Area Coordinator (Burke, Townhouses and Carriage House)
Allison Wolff Community Assistant
Kathryn Kugel Resident Assistant
Servando Garcia Resident Assistant
Catherine Gundrum Resident Assistant
Andrew Hebbring Resident Assistant
Sensenbrenner Hall
Office: 920-403-4118
On Duty: 920-676-7977 
Angel Gelhar Area Coordinator
Allison Wolff Community Assistant
Kyra Vinz Resident Assistant

Heather Hellweg

Resident Assistant
Audrey Makope Resident Assistant
Olivia Biskobing Resident Assistant
Alegandrina Ross Resident Assistant
Madelaine/Lorraine Hall
Office: 920-403-3775
On Duty: 920-676-7978 
Kirstin Nelson Area Coordinator
Thomas Heywood Resident Assistant
Danielle Matuszak Resident Assistant
Eduardo Velasquez Resident Assistant
Kylie Marsden Resident Assistant
Jonathan Koby Resident Assistant
Ryan Roethle Resident Assistant
Alicia Roman Resident Assistant
Mary Minahan McCormick Hall
Office: 920-403-3694
On Duty: 920-676-7979 
Chris Stewart Area Coordinator 
Migena Vula Community Assistant
Graeme Gallagher Resident Assistant
Logan Groh Resident Assistant
Cole Johnson Resident Assistant
Cory Haupt Resident Assistant
Tiana Leitzke Resident Assistant
Bayley Lau Resident Assistant
Ben Moreau Resident Assistant
Mariah Kluck Resident Assistant
Michels Hall
Office: 920-403-6302
On Duty: 920-676-7980 
Caitlin Wheeler Area Coordinator
Hailey Sgarlata Community Assistant
William VanYe Resident Assistant
Hattie Kruschek Resident Assistant
Nick VandeHey Resident Assistant
Victor McCormick Hall
Office: 920-403-6440
On Duty: 920-676-7982 
Tanner Anderson Area Coordinator
Bradley Varner Community Assistant
Andrew Gehring Resident Assistant
Samuel Diny Resident Assistant
Della Haanen Resident Assistant
Alicia Roman Resident Assistant
Gabe Dewar Resident Assistant
Ethan VandenPlas Resident Assistant
Upper Class Housing
Caitlin Wheeler Area Coordinator - Premonte and Xanten, College Houses (Service)
Tanner Anderson Area Coordinator - Gries
Kirstin Nelson Area Coordinator - Mad-Lor, Hugh, Doksany, Roggenburg, College Houses (Non-Service)
Angel Gelhar Area Coordinator - Carriage House, Townhouses, Burke
Chris Stewart Area Coordinator - St Joseph
Community Coordinators
Bradley Varner Community Coordinator - Gries 
Community Coordinator - Hugh, Roggenberg, Doksany, College Houses
Allison Wolff Community Coordinator - Townhouses, Carriage House
Brianna McGann Community Coordinator - Premontre and Xanten, College Houses
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