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Integrative Studies Major Requirements

Integrative Studies is a 40-credit (10-course) major that can only be declared as a second major. The objective of the program is to enable students to complement their major field of study with a broad array of courses from other disciplines to gain the knowledge and the skills required in the changing workplace of 21st century America. 

Coursework consists of a 2-credit introductory course in the first year matched with a 2-credit seminar in the first semester of the junior year; and an additional nine courses selected from a list of thematically linked offerings that will be identified and tagged as fulfilling the requirements for the major:

  • IDIS 180 Introduction to Integrative Studies
  • IDIS 380 Seminar in Integrative Studies
  • Nine additional courses that are thematically linked

Owing to the interdisciplinary nature of the major, six of the nine courses must be taken in a division other than the one in which the first major is housed. Students will produce a signature work in the senior year to demonstrate their competence across the breadth of their learning experience.

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