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“Sacred Groves & the Diversity of Life”

Nov. 13, 2008
7 p.m. Lecture
Fort Howard Theater, Bemis International Center

Sahotra Sarkar
Professor of Integrative Biology, Statistics and Philosophy 
University of Texas at Austin 

An outspoken opponent of creationism, Sahotra Sarkar is truly interdisciplinary, having taught on philosophy, biology, geography and computer science faculties. He has written extensively on the role of genetics in human behavior and, more recently, the design of conservation area networks. In his most recent book, Systematic Conservation Planning (2007), he argues eloquently for the prevention of extinction and the preservation of biological diversity, not only because the latter directly “contributes to human welfare, but because it appeals to important human values.” Daring and uncompromising, Sarkar faces the most difficult and compelling questions about humanity and its relationship to nature. He is the author of Genetics and Reductionism: A Primer (1998),Biodiversity and Environmental Philosophy (2005), and Doubting Darwin? Creationist Designs on Evolution (2007). 

You may search the Todd Wehr Library catalog for a selection of books available by Sahotra Sarkar. Books are also available to purchase after the lecture and at the St. Norbert College bookstore.