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“Truth as Practice: Alternative Conceptions of Religious Truth & the Problem of Religious Disagreement”

March 22, 2012
7 p.m. Lecture
Fort Howard Theater, Bemis International Center

Dr. Mara Brecht
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

Dr. Tanya Randle
Visiting Fellow in Philosophy

The fact that people hold different – and often competing and conflicting – religious beliefs raises important questions about the nature of religious belief. If we understand religious beliefs to be true or to convey truth about the world, then what happens when we realize others believe differently or hold mutually incompatible “truths”? Does religious belief depend upon the idea that our religious beliefs are objectively true? One possibility for resolving this basic problem may lie in re-considering the very nature of religious belief and truth, such that we think of religious truth as a form of practice. In this presentation, Dr. Mara Brecht and Dr. Tanya Randle explore two alternative visions for construing “truth as a practice” in an effort to resolve this fundamental problem.