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“What is Health? Ancient and Modern Perspectives”

Thursday, Oct. 1, 2015
7 p.m. Lecture 
Fort Howard Theater, Bemis International Center

We are very fortunate to be able to welcome Dr. Heinrich von Staden for our second Killeen Chair lecture of the 2015-2016 year. Dr. von Staden has written on a variety of topics in ancient science, medicine, philosophy, and literary theory, from the fifth century B.C. to the fifth century A.D. Drawing on a wide range of scientific, philosophical, and religious sources, he has contributed to the transformation of the history of ancient science and medicine, particularly of the Hellenistic period. Dr. von Staden’s lecture will trace the evolution of health from antiquity to the modern era, exploring the salient similarities and differences between them. It is sure to be a fascinating presentation.

Dr. Von Staden’s work, The Art of Medicine in Early Alexandria (1989) represents a major contribution to the history of Greek intellectual discourse, and won both the William H. Welch Medal from the American Association for History of Medicine and the Goodwin Award of Merit from the American Philological Association.  His current projects include a book on Erasistratus (one of the two early pioneers of human dissection), a study of the role of animals in ancient scientific theories and practices, and further work on the “semantics of matter” in ancient science.

As we continue to explore this year’s Killeen Chair Theme “Health and the Human Person,” Dr. von Staden’s lecture will provide us with both a historical and philosophical vantage point from which to consider important questions about health and the human person.